1 twin room / 1 double room

Bathroom and common room

Prices 2018:
1 person: 35 euro
double room: 50/60 euro
supplementary bed: 15 euro

For those who like to enjoy the pleasure of staying in a quiet historical building, beautifully located in the characteristic cobbled lanes of the old town, without giving up the comfort of a stay in the city centre, Petit à Petit will indeed be a pleasant discovery. Just behind the Cathedral, a few yards from the town council and from the Piazza Galimberti, Elena, Christian, Viola Esmeralda and Leon will be happy to welcome you at the first floor of a recently renovated 16th century building, that was used as an inn as long as five centuries ago. Climbing up the spiral staircase, you will feel like you are entering the tower of an ancient manor, but as soon as you step into the rooms of Petit à Petit you will be catapulted in the colourful atmosphere created by the young hosts. You can rest in one of two comfortable double rooms and you can enjoy your breakfast in the dining room overlooking the inner yard.

Petit à Petit is just a few yards away from the best restaurants in town, as well as the Museo Civico, the Teatro Toselli, the Council Tower and from the characteristic arcades with the boutiques and from the piazza Galimberti, where every Tuesday the famous market takes place.

B&B Petit à Petit (Cat. **)
Via Fossano, 20 - 12100 CUNEO
Tel. +39 347 8500946